Betting responsibly – is it possible?

It is common perception that gambling is a vice. It is a risky business to be avoided.

That is, however, one side of the same coin. In actual fact, gambling as a form of entertainment is not any riskier than crossing a street, going diving, or investing a sum of money in a start-up business. Risk is a fact of life. There are some factors that can be controlled, there are others that cannot. And like most things in everyday life, a certain element of caution is a must.

Tips for responsibly betting

The question therefore is how to mitigate risk effectively and to the largest extent possible when gambling for fun. Here are some tips:

  • plan what portion of your time you can afford to spend on gambling and try to balance this out with a number of other activities
  • put a few euros or dollars aside every month for your gambling entertainment and stick to this limit when you decide to try your luck. This means that you are going to gamble money that you can afford to lose. You do not go out to gamble when you are in urgent need of money.
  • do not gamble when you are under the influence of alcohol
  • stay away from gambling when you are angry, stressed, feeling lonely or faced with a difficult life situation

Yes, gambling can be real fun when done responsibly!

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